Verb Translator Service.

Returns translations for the specified verb




  • <apikey> API key that identifies the service user.
  • <sourceLanguage> the language to translate from
  • <targetLanguage> the language to translate to
  • <verb> the verb to translate

API key information

The API key is used to track the usage of the services. You can use the test API key to test this service, as shown in the examples below.

Because the services are free, the usage is limited to a certain daily quota.

Please be in touch with us to get your own API key with its own quota.


Language codes

The language parameter is a lower case 3-letter ISO language code. Supported languages are shown below:
afr  Afrikaans
als  Albanian
arb  Arabic
ast  Asturian
cat  Catalan
dan  Danish
nld  Dutch
eng  English
fao  Faroese
fin  Finnish
fra  French
glg  Galician
deu  German
got  Gothic
isl  Icelandic
gle  Irish
ita  Italian
lat  Latin
lin  Lingala
khk  Mongolian (Khalkha)
nob  Norwegian (BokmÃ¥l)
nno  Norwegian (Nynorsk)
oci  Occitan
pap  Papiamentu
por  Portuguese
roh  Rhaeto-Romanic
ron  Romanian
rus  Russian
sna  Shona
spa  Spanish
swh  Swahili
swe  Swedish
tgl  Tagalog
tam  Tamil
tur  Turkish
cym  Welsh
wol  Wolof
yih  Yiddish

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