Verb Conjugation Service

Conjugates a verb using a template (page) specified by a URL



<language> //The language (scroll further down) to conjugate
<verb> //The verb to conjugate
<tableurl> //The full URL location to the conjugation table
Optional parameter:
<formurl> //The full URL location to the page containing the form to enter verbs


Language codes

The language parameter is a lower case 3-letter ISO language code. Supported languages are shown below:
spa Spanish
por Portuguese
fra French
ita Italian
ron Romanian
glg Galician
cat Catalan
oci Occitan
lat Latin
fin Finnish
got Gothic
eng English
swe Swedish
deu German
ang Old English
nld Dutch
nob Norwegian (bokmål)
dan Danish
isl Icelandic
tur Turkish
pdt Plautdietsch
jpn Japanese
nno Norwegian (Nynorsk)
ltz Luxembourgish
kal Greenlandic
ell Greek
hun Hungarian
rus Russian
ukr Ukrainian
lit Lithuanian
tib Tibetan
bul Bulgarian
ind Indonesian
dlm Dalmatian
epo Esperanto
est Estonian
kor Korean
mkd Macedonian
tha Thai

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